October 15, 2004

Born Rich

I rented this documentary made by Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson. Honestly, there's not much to it. I mean you make some interesting small discoveries. For example, kids from rich families can have bad skin (or at least S.I. Newhouse IV, a rude Euro-royal, and Johnson do - though Johnson is nonetheless kind of cute). Oh, and Newhouse actually has a Goonies poster up in his dorm room. But basically their relationships with their families and money are what you would likely expect. Some of the young people who are featured seem very nice, bright, interesting and well-grounded. Others - not so much.

But I'd say that if you want to watch a movie about young, rich New Yorkers (and not a film about any of the particular people featured in Johnson's documentary) you're better off just watching Metropolitan (which will hopefully eventually be released on DVD). It's sweet, very witty, insightful, and you can keep in mind that in that work the clueless and the assholes are just fictional characters.

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