May 15, 2005

Poirot: The Hollow

I've been a huge Agatha Christie fan since I was a little kid. I've read lots of the books, seen most of the feature films, and have grown to quite enjoy the various television productions - even if they obviously aren't going to often measure up to bigger productions like Evil Under the Sun from 1982, Ten Little Indians from 1965, or the star-studded spectaculars of Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile. David Suchet's Poirot shows are a bit uneven, bit I watched a pretty good one this weekend. The Hollow is very much your standard Christie fare in many ways, but what sets it a cut above average is a number of very good supporting performances Edward Fox, Claire Price and Edward Hardwicke are all good, and Megan Dodds and Sarah Miles are especially good in crucial major roles. If you are into this kind of thing it's worth checking out. I'd still say that the best of the Suchet Poirots is Dumb Witness, and to be honest the writing here isn't superb. But it's as pleasant a diversion as some of his other Poirot adaptations, for example, Death in the Clouds.

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