January 09, 2006

It's a fucking bomb, people

A bomb was found at a Starbucks in San Francisco.

"If it had detonated, it would have caused damage," Gittens said. "It was what we consider an IED," an improvised explosive device.

I am vehemently opposed to calling it an IED. Jesus fucking Christ. It's a bomb. A B.O.M.B. BOMB.

Fuck. It's San Francisco, not Iraq.

And San Francisco cops so do not need to get all paramilitary on our asses.




This has been your profanity laden post for the day. Good night.

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I'm right with you.

Malkin said the same thing, and I just finished ranting about that (and other things - a day late, but I'm slow and sleepy).

Either the speaker wants to be able to sound military-ish (and want to conjure the image of terror and drama owned by the term) or they're trying to gain some hype by tying the bomb to the Iraq war. While some might say that "a portion of a flashlight and a fuse" might certainly be improvised, where I come from (the United States) we used to call it a "pipe bomb." And guess what? That's what the police on the scene called it too.

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