January 13, 2006

Herber and Company on a Roll

If you'd told me back on New Years Eve that WVU would win every one of its first three Big East games (against South Florida, Villanova and Georgetown) and be on a big (I think it's 9) game winning streak after defeating Georgetown I'd have likely congratulated you on your optimism, patted you on the shoulder, and rolled my eyes when you turned around. Yet, as difficult as those feats have been to achieve, the Mountaineer men's basketball team has done just that. Let's hope this streak continues.

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Pitt's 13-0 (2-0), and the consequent #11 ranking (after failing to crack the top 25, pre-season), is also rather impressive, given that they suffered a departure of raw, seasoned talent similar in character and scope to that suffered by WVU. Next, #10 (I think), Paterno's Louisville squad. That is to say, we'll find out if Pitt's for real very soon.

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It's all about Herber.

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And they easily beat Marquette today for their 10th straight win! On the 17th they face Providence, then next Saturday will bring another huge test - UCLA, the team that's currently leading the PAC-10.

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