February 02, 2006


"It was the gentlest handshake and kindest voice I'd heard in a while."

Does this quote refer to:

a) a counselor specializing in grief

b) a minister visiting wounded soldiers

c) a male neonatal nurse

d) a gay former football player

e) a DEA agent who found puppy mules

Answer below the fold.

Gay former NFL player tackles demons

When Roy Simmons walked in to the studio to sit down for our interview, the first thing I noticed was how big he was. Take one look at this former NFL offensive lineman and it becomes obvious pretty quickly that he played professional ball.

Then Simmons shook my hand. It was the gentlest handshake and kindest voice I'd heard in a while. Not quite what you'd expect from a guy who had knocked helmets for the New York Giants and went to the Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins in 1984.

Why is it that even when trying to break stereotypes (no gays allowed in the NFL) that the media have to rely on them (he's different than regular men, sweet and gentle).

Or is it just me wishing it was possible to talk about discrimination without the "soft" signals?

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