March 28, 2006

Betty Wiley for Mon County Commission

On May 9th voters around here have two important decisions to make in local elections. First, they'll need to pick their party's nominees for the state legislature. Second, they'll pick their party's nominee to fill one of the 3 seats on the country commission. The incumbent (Asel Kennedy) is arrogant, can't be bothered to deal with anyone who disagrees with him, consituent or not, and is pro-growth in the worst, cheapest, can-I-please-be-a-whore-for-slumlords-and-polluters kinds of ways. I urge you, extremely strongly, to back Betty Wiley instead.

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I saw her speak tonight. Smooth she is not. And in a way I bet she doesn't want a lot of attention for her campaign, since she seems to have a knack for wording things in weird ways. She is not a blown-dry politician. But she'll be a vast improvement over the current commissioner (Kennedy). She's centering her race on: 1) hiring a professional manager for the county who actually knows how to manage developemnt (instead of relying on a board of political appointees to "manage" it); enlarge the commission from 3 members to 5 to require more accountability and allow more voices into the policy-making process; and strongly support Farmland Preservation.

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Damn. She lost by less than 100 votes.

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