November 16, 2006

Left-Wing Hate Rhetoric???

Just reading along, der teh der, Sadly, No!, der teh der, story about the fake anthrax terrorist, der teh der, yeah yeah yeah, he might be a Freeper, der teh der, and when the police searched his apartment they were looking for...


There's a whole list. Computers, cell phones, clothes, mailing paraphenalia, and then there it is:

Anti-semitic literature and or left wing hate rhetoric.

As Gavin M. points out, naturally what one expects from such a huge fan of Kathryn Harris and Michelle Malkin is possession of left wing hate literature!

I'm appalled at the stupidity, yes, but even moreso at the fact that left wing is singled out, and not "extremist" or "left and or right wing" extremist literature. The assumption seems to be that it's a leftist act to send anthrax?

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