November 24, 2006

Trump Building a 45-Story "Sore Thumb" in the West Village

Talk about your towers that are (or will be) completely out of proportion with the surrounding environs ...

But of course that's just part of the story behind this tower (which can, legally, be that tall). It looks like Mr. Trump might be trying to stick in the thin-end of the wedge. Is he up to some zoning shenanigans? That would be sooooo shocking, right?

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Zoning issues aside, it is a Trump Tower. That is really all the information you need to know to figure out that it's going to be a gaudy monstrosity. While the image in this article shows something modern and somewhat stylish (standing alone -- not considering the inappropriateness of its placement), when it's completed, it will likely be covered in black lacquer and gold; that alone should merit burning it down.

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