December 18, 2006

Maybe they ate too many soy bugs

Geckos can reproduce asexually:

The female mourning gecko has found a way to simulate sex and produce eggs, rendering her male counterpart redundant, scientists have found.

But the revolution has a downside, with the invading Asian reptiles reproducing at an alarming rate and threatening a native species of geckos in the Northern Territory who do things the more traditional way.

"They have an unusual reproductive strategy which allows populations to consist only of females," NT Environment Minister Marion Scrymgour said today.

"Males are not necessary to fertilise and initiate egg production (which) permits the mourning gecko to be a very successful invasive species."

Damn! You'd think the wingers would be into this what with the rapid repopulation and invasive abilities and what not. /snark

HT Shakespeare's Sister.

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If there's anything the wingers are NOT gonna be into, it's something that makes men redundant.


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