March 12, 2008

Obama Campaign Says Its Pledged Delegate Lead Is 161

And they've got a chart to prove it. There's no way the Clinton campaign will come anywhere close to erasing that lead. They'll cut into it in Pennsylvania and some other states, but even if she gets revotes in Florida and Michigan and wins them (not a sure thing in Michigan) Obama is going to stay far ahead of her in pledged delegates.

So since we know the way this is going to play itself out at the end of the primary process, why are we expected to wait around for almost 3 months to settle this? We know: a) Obama is going to have a big pledged delegate lead, but b) that won't be enough for him to secure the nomination, so c) the superdelegates are going to decide it. So why don't they get off the fence already? The longer this campaign is about tearing down Obama and Clinton instead of tearing down McCain the worse it is for the party. If they want to wait out the PA primary so they can develop a better ground game there for November, fine. But there's really no reason for this to go into the summer. The superdelegates should commit already and settle this, one way or the other.

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