May 13, 2008

"Would You Be Vice President?" - The Hill Asks 97 Senators

And happily some of them actually have a sense of humor (predictably, some don't).

Ted Stevens: "No. I've got too many things that I still want to do as a senator. And I don't like the idea of a job where you sit around and wait for someone to die."

Barbara Mikulski: "Absolutely. Absolutely. I think I would be great. First of all, I know how to behave at weddings and funerals. And I know how to be commander in chief. I'd bring a lot of fun to the job. We would rock the Naval Observatory."

Robert C. Byrd: "No, I can already preside over the Senate, and I do not enjoy spending a lot of time at 'undisclosed locations.'"

Roger Wicker: "The chances of that are so remote that I'm more likely to be hit by an asteroid."

Daniel Inouye: "If I were asked, I would say, 'You're out of your mind.'"

James Inhofe: "No. I enjoy life too much."

Chuck Grassley: "I'm too old to be vice president. But I am young enough to be reelected to the Senate." [So he's going to run again, at 77, in 2010?]

Larry Craig: I would say "No, Hillary.'"

Lamar Alexander: "I know already who it will be: the man in charge of the search. There's no need for me to respond. That's how you get to be vice president."

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