June 23, 2008

Eric Martin on John Bolton, Regarding Iran

Yes, there does seem to be something missing from the logic of our former ambassador to the UN:

So let me see if I have this straight: A country that is supposedly so irrational, reckless and religiously fanatical that its leaders would be willing to countenance the end of its very existence (and that of its population) in order to carry out an unprovoked nuclear strike against Israel will be too cautious to retaliate against an actual attack on its country for fear of economic hardship and conventional military counterattacks?

In other words, Bolton is arguing that Iran's leadership is comprised of rational actors with well-honed instincts for self-preservation capable of applying a typical - conservative even - cost-benefit calculus. Except we have to bomb them because the opposite is true. Or something.

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I think Sullivan's right on this one... this round of saber-rattling is all about trying to help McCain (or at least scare people out of voting for Obama).

Of course, that doesn't mean they won't actually follow through on the saber-rattling and attack, quite possibly for the same reason.

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