March 30, 2010

Maybe They Could Volunteer at Dog Parks

Code Pink members seem to have too much time on their hands.

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March 27, 2010

"The Horrible Prospect of Supreme Court Justice Cass Sunstein"

Glenn Greenwald unloads against the notion that The Left likes Cass Sunstein (as was suggested by Peter Baker in a piece reviewing possible replacements for Justice Stevens). While Sunstein's close to the president, I really can't see him being nominated to the Supreme Court.

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2010's Elite Eight

Is it just me or, at least in terms of competitiveness and the fun of it, is this year's NCAA tournament better than those we've seen over the last few years?

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March 26, 2010

If Romney 2012 Is a Non-Starter, Who Benefits?

A lot of political commentators have said that the passage of health care reform has doomed Mitt Romney's presidential bid, since he'll be actively disavowing a policy that is similar to one of his most prominent accomplishments as governor of Massachusetts. I think there's something to that. If that's true, who benefits? What campaigns will be aided by his being seriously wounded? I'm inclined to think the #1 beneficiary is Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, since Daniels is also seen as a business-savvy, establishment-friendly executive. Agree? Disagree?

More generally, at this point who do you think will be competitive candidates in this race? At the moment I can see a case to be made for Daniels, Gov. Barbour of Mississippi, Gov. Perry of Texas, Sarah Palin, and, in the ultimate example of the right profile trumping notable accomplishment (so the pre-2006 George Allen of this field) Sen. Thune of South Dakota. I don't see charisma-impaired Tim Pawlenty, too-libertarian Gary Johnson, none-too-bright Mike Pence, or far-too-DC Newt Gingrich being serious players once the 2012 elections are underway - though I suppose I could see Pence filling Palin's place in the race, should she choose not to run.

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March 24, 2010

Coco Avant Chanel

It's not going on the list of my favorite movies, but Audrey Tautou did a nice job. And I'm always pleased to see Emmanuelle Devos. There's something great behind her eyes - or is it her smile? One of these days I should watch Un Conte de Noel again.

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March 22, 2010

Post-Health Care, Which Democrats Could/Should Face Primaries?

I suppose Mr. Arcuri of New York is the leading answer to that question. But really, given the make-up of their districts I'd think Mr. Barrow of Georgia and Mr. Lynch of Massacusetts could be more appealing targets. And of course Mr. Lipinski is damn fortunate Illinois has already held its primary for the 2010 elections.

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Armand's Contrarian Thought of the Morning

Health care reform was brought to you by President Obama and Speaker Pelosi. But it was made possible by George Bush, Tom DeLay, and Dick Cheney. Without their ineptness, corruption, and unpopularity, the Democrats would never have won majorities big enough to get it through Congress.

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March 20, 2010

Big Politics Weekend

For the first time ever I have received two political robocalls on the same day. Guess something important is going down in DC.

For the record, one was lefty, urging your basic activism. The other was from Tony Perkins/the FRC. The latter was ostensibly as survey, the first question of which was - do you support President Obama's government takeover of health care. Needless to say, an answer in the affirmative ended their interest in your participation in the "survey."

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March 15, 2010

It's Bracket Time

And sadly there really isn't a single team I want to pick to win the South regional.

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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

I have to say that seeing Alan Arkin leave Monica Bellucci for Blake Lively, and seeing Alan Arkin cuddling a naked Blake Lively, well, those were not things I anticipated laying eyes on this week. But it was nice to see Shirley Knight and Keanu Reeves in side roles.

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March 14, 2010

Who Funds the American Future Fund?

Their ads against the president and "liberals" are all over my tv this weekend. And apparently that's happening all over the country. If I was a political journalist I might think it's my job to look up who's paying for that massive ad buy and not simply noting it's being done by a "conservative group."

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The Awl Talks "Telephone"

I think that the new Lady Gaga video manages to find the tedious and dull side of derivative and grotesque. But even if it doesn't work for me, her work tends to be worth talking about, and a lengthy conversation on Telephone can be found here.

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March 13, 2010


I didn't love Tim Burton's latest, but I thought it was largely likable. I wasn't a fan of the last 15 minutes or so, and pretty much everything about Anne Hathaway's performance was a disaster, but the new star was appealing, and even in the parts when it wasn't especially engaging it still looked great. So on the whole I guess it gets a "thumbs up."

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Who Was the Best Secretary of Defense Evah?

Spencer Ackerman ranks 'em here. He ends up praising the man who is currently in the job.

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New York, I Love You

This was much worse than Zombieland. It makes Paris Je T'Aime (which of course included several legiltimately good bits) look like a flawless masterpiece by comparison. Basically, it is a dud on almost every level.

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That was disappointing. The ads were great, I heard good things, but I was less than impressed. Well, apart from the film's famous cameo. That was as good as advertised.

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March 12, 2010

Candy Crowley Thinks Eric Massa Is As Big a Story as Afghanistan

Her career has featured more than its fair share of shameful and biased moments, but even by the low expectations I have for her work, this is extraordinary. Naturally being an enormous hack she's recently been promoted by CNN to anchor their Sunday morning "news" program.

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March 11, 2010

Is Jan Crawford Suggesting the Supreme Court's Right Wing Is Petty and Tempermental?

As much as she might admire them and be friendly with their chums I don't think she's doing them any favors with this observation.

But at some point - and I'd say that point is now - the Obama Administration is working against its interests.

Because to me that seems to suggest that the Court will rule not on the basis of the law but on this basis of pique, no?

And yes, I did consider titling this post - "Leave John Roberts Alone!!!!"

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March 07, 2010

Oscar Night Looks, 2010

Apparently they are handing out some awards in California. They are also putting on some fancy dresses at that shindig. So far I'd say the highlight of the night is the always fabulous Helen Mirren. As to the worst, Miley Cyrus looked, well, trashy and (expensively) cheap is the phrase that leaps to mind. Between her look and Kristen Stewart's decision to present an award while apparently asleep the producers' decision to put them on stage looks even worse than it did before tonight.

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March 04, 2010

The September Issue

After watching this look at Vogue's most powerful I can say that I love Grace Coddington, and I still find Andre Leon Talley utterly ridiculous. This movie was a lot more fun than Valentino: The Last Emperor.

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March 02, 2010

There's Shameless and Then There's ... This

Apparently the governor was in town last weekend.

Speaking of receptions, Manchin will be the guest of honor this Sunday when he receives the 2010 Milan Puskar award for public service at the Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown.

What can one say to that?

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"The Rahm Rift"

First Read's analysis of The Rahm RIft doesn't cut to the chase, which is odd given that such sites are typically about little more than who's up, who's down horse-race politics. Either Rahm is incredibly stupid (doubtful), some Rahm allies are incredibly stupid (very possible), or some people are doing a bang-up job trying to get him replaced later this year.

More broadly of course it's generally helpful to policymaking when White House staffers aren't all on the same page (remember the dissent-less Bush White?), though public spats of this sort are something else. And, as we are so often reminded, Dana Milbank's a tool.

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March 01, 2010

Which Tea Is Haley Barbour?

Ah, The Politico.

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Is the Obama Administration Ever Going Nominate Anyone to the Fed?

You know, other than giving another term to its originally Bush-appointed leader?

Last I heard it was kind of important. But the two vacancies remain unfilled, and now there'll be a third opening this summer.

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