October 02, 2005

Why I Hate The Creationists

What really pisses me off about this whole creationism versus evolution thing is how this is an assault on evolution, not an assault on religion or beliefs. I mean, no biologist, no "darwinist" (does anyone, anywhere identify as a "darwinist"?), no evolution supporter is arguing that scientists should be allowed into the churches to try and convert people. It's always the other way around: it's the creationists (or, if you want to be politically correct, the "intelligent design people") who want science to change to reflect their beliefs, not the scientists who want the Christians to change to reflect what science now knows. You would think that the two sides could leave each other more or less alone: the scientists don't preach, and the creationists don't do science. Very logical.

Doesn't seem to be happening. In a suburb of Harrisburg (PA), some creationists got themselves elected to the school board and pushed through a change to the biology classes (note: that's a science class, not a religion class) that taught "intelligent design" (AKA creationism) as well. This caused that Great American Tradition: lawsuits. In any event, I really liked a couple of quotes from the New York Times story:

As for the pastor, after four days of listening to science experts dismantling the case for intelligent design, he was unimpressed..."They're babblers," said the pastor, the Rev. Jim Grove, who leads a 40-member independent Baptist church outside of Dover. "The more Ph.D.'s you get, it seems like the further away from God you get."

Yup, there's a scientific equation you can take to the bank: More Ph.D.s = Further From God. Remember, this is a science class. Why is it that the creationists get to insult the scientists (and that's OK), but when the scientists toss around terms like "ignorant hicks" that's some sort of slur on religion (when, in fact, it's a slur on hicks). Seriously, though, recognize the pure unadulterated anti-intellectualism in that statement: the more education, the less religion (and that, assumed by ommission, is just wrong).

During the lunch break on Thursday, Mr. Thompson said he founded the law center [Thomas More Law Center] to defend Christians who he thought were losing the culture wars. The center was initially financed by Thomas Monaghan, the founder of Domino's Pizza. Both men are Roman Catholics..."There are two worldviews that are in conflict," Mr. Thompson said. "I do feel that even though Christians are 86 percent of the population, they have become second-class citizens."

Yup, once again, a brilliant nugget. 86% of the population is Christian, but they're the oppressed minority who have become second class citizens. Look, Christians in America are about as second class as Hindus in India or Buddists in Tibet. If you want to see "second class", go be a Christian in Iraq, or a Christian in China, or - hell - a Muslim in Alabama. That's "second class".

Look, this is really simple: the scientists won't preach, and the ministers won't teach biology. Why can't we live with that compromise?

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Actually, I want someone to stand up and offer to some of these pro-ID people the following: let's send a biologist to your church to teach the debate on evolution, and an atheist to teach the debate on god.

Can you imagine?

PZ Myers has a post on a kerfuffle at Baylor about a student walking out of class after this:

Holding up the Bible: “This is not a science book.”

Holding up the Origin of Species: “This is.”

Holding up the Bible again: “This is a book about relationships with God.”

Holding up the Origin of Species again: “This isn’t.”

Finally, it's important to note that the scientists were not calling the preacher an ignorant "hick." I presume you meant "it's as if the scientists called him an ignorant hick and were blamed for attacking religion." People are cranky enough.

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OK, nobody said "ignorant hick." Point taken.

(I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that somebody was thinking it.)

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Good post Baltar - I agree.

Posted by: Armand at October 3, 2005 11:02 AM | PERMALINK
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