October 04, 2005

The Zth Percentile

The Stealth Badger riffs on the Rev. Mykeru's discussion (such a tame word to describe Mykeru) about the difference between A-list bloggers and "Z-list" bloggers. From Stealth Badger:

How to tell you're a happy Z-Lister:

  • You don't have enough readers for anyone to get paid to twist your words, but you have enough so that you don't feel like you're just primal screaming into your sock drawer.
  • You have time to dink around with your site, doing things that will probably break it for a little while, and your readers will snicker with you rather than complaining with the kind of voice that is usually only heard by tired, underpaid Customer Service Representatives.
  • You have never had the compulsion to say something you know isn't true because you think someone else would like it.
  • You have the freedom to either block 0-signal-to-noise-ratio trolls at the firewall/blog application, be reasonable, or flame the crap out of them as you like. Or all three!
  • You're small enough that if you choose, you can easily and quickly get and interpret the logs for your blog (or know who can in a moment's notice) and allow the information therein to inform your answer to said trolls (such as the people who follow you home from other blogs to act like morons in your house.).
  • Your stylesheet/template can totally suck, and you can somewhat avoid feel guilty about it. *looks over at the ugly, horrible archives listing, which is why my blogroll is on a separate page....* >.>;)
  • Death Before Proofreading is a viable editing strategy.
  • E-mail about your site and comments ON it are rare enough to be a wonderful surprise, and just common enough that you never, ever think about quitting because no-one's interested
  • You're perfectly happy with your fluid, chaotic, undisciplined writing style, free to one day sound like a raving psychotic, the next sounding like a bookkeeper.
  • You can occasionally treasure the illusion that some of your ideas are original, without it some smug jerk mouthing off at you who can't accept that if you thought it up without anyone telling it to you, then you at least get credit for using your goddamn brains.
  • No-one sucks up to you, so you can trust and treasure the compliments that you get.*
  • For that matter, you're small enough that you've got enough time to DO things like be your e-mail admin, site designer, etc. (depending on your individual skills).
  • You feel like you're allowed to make mistakes.
  • Updating your server hardware does not involve issuing a press release.
  • You're still doing it for the reasons you STARTED doing it.
  • It can still occasionally be FUN.
  • Like looking in the mirror. And I especially liked the seventh item on the list.

    And on a final note, I've seen the Stealth Badger around, but never been over to the site, which is surprising, given our love of badgers (at the top of our diversions list, no less). I'm definitely in favor of working Ozymandias into more blog posts.

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    And you can tell I tend to live by #7, especially during the work week.

    Thanks much for dropping by! ^^

    Posted by: StealthBadger at October 4, 2005 07:18 PM | PERMALINK

    (can you tell I just got home from work, and was asleep on the bus?)

    If I had a dollar for every time I'd seen/been asked about/been sent that flash movie, I'd buy the goddamn White House and kick Bush out. :D


    The dark, humorless mocking of "Ozymandius" completely fits the legacy we're building right now, except for it won't be anything as lasting even as what was left of that statue - it will be a ba-fucking-zillion landfills on a cloud-shrouded, ice-free planet. At best. This won't happen tomorrow, and perhaps it can be prevented, though we're pretty far along in the landfill department, and the permanent ice pack is now shrinking every year (moving that adjective describing its endurance slowly from fact to suggestion).

    But one things for sure. We're not going to be able to stop it without a whole shitload of research, and a minimum a materials science, chemical engineering, and heavy-industry commitment like we've not seen since the Apollo program. Especially because other nations have decided to emulate our "success," meaning that ten years from now China and India are going to have air like London did in the 60s.

    And we're not going to be able to do those things without some relatively functional economic system of some kind. Yadda yadda, yadda yadda. Enough doom and gloom.

    I say the Democrats and Centrist Republicans continue their tradition of being absolutely useless and form an investigating committee to find out where the fuck the outer-two-thirds of Miers' eyebrows went. Most of those morons have probably never heard of eyebrow-plucking in the first place, so it will give them something to occupy their time what won't get anybody killed, and will give the ShrubCo supporters something else to be shrill and inane about.

    *grins* Thanks again for coming by!

    Posted by: StealthBadger at October 4, 2005 07:38 PM | PERMALINK

    Okay, I wasn't going to say it. But I will.

    And the investigation would give the women serving in the Senate something to totally laugh about. In this town, they need it. :P

    Posted by: StealthBadger at October 4, 2005 07:40 PM | PERMALINK

    Our love of "the" badgers is somewhat obsessive, and has love/hate to it. Two thirds of Bloodless trained for and ran a marathon last year, and if you've never been on, oh, a 14 mile (or more) run, you might not realize the danger of the "ear worm." The badger ditty is insidious, with the rhythm matching sneakers hitting the ground. It is now our running joke (both meanings to running).

    And hey, good to have you around!

    Posted by: binky at October 5, 2005 09:23 AM | PERMALINK
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