October 21, 2005

Save the Conspiracy from Maggie Gallagher

And speaking of preachy, poorly-informed people who can't seem to make critical arguments without succumbing to an unfortunate combination of inaccuracy, gross generalization and glaring omissions ... is Maggie Gallagher's presence on the Volokh Conspiracy this week one of the saddest things to happen to the blogophere in weeks, or what? There must be better thinkers on the right to make the case against same-sex marriage. The leaps and failures in her arguments are embarrassing.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum manages to be both merciless and as staid as an Eisenhower-era banker. And a "camel snuff film" - I love that.

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There's all kinds of traditional marriage "goodness" going around this week. Two from Lawyers, Guns and Money (though the second is tangential to marriage, but tied to the first post via Straussians) and Majikthise's link to Gallagher with linkage to Crooked Timber. And also Liberal Serving (who links to Pandagon).

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Thanks for the links - Kieran's at Crooked Timber is especially good, or at least makes a lot of the points that came to my mind as I read through Gallagher.

And I'd entirely forgetton about Gallagher being that shill (whore seems a tad bit strong), or one of them, who pimped for Bush Education department on the taxpayers' dime (or many many many dimes).

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Look who is on it now... Kung Fu Monkey.

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