June 23, 2006

Friday Night Link Dump

Long time no dump, so in the spirit of "I spent most of the day driving and can't think straight anymore," some linkage:

We're not racists, we just don't care about Black people. Or their voting rights.

Cancel my account. Cancel the account. Cancel the account. Via Pandagon. Oh yes, I love my hometown Labyrinth.

Are you sure you don't like the Brazilian futbol team?

Homosexuality, mental retardation...it's all the same to us!

I remember when this was the best Brazilian airline.

Well, come on, he had to find something to do while he was waiting to drown government!

Guess what kiddies!? it's confirmed! Bird flu passes from human to human!

All that driving...I think I've got a crick in my...

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Those may be some exceptionally hot Brazilians (there are hotties in Brazil? who knew?) - but those specific hot Brazilians aren't on their national futbol team. And yes, that's sort of a shame.

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Made you look though, didn't I?

An extra bonus, via Redneck Mother.

And yes yes yes there are good serious posts up too, I'm just too fried to compile.

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