June 18, 2007

Failed States

Foreign Policy released this year's failed states index. Iraq has moved up from 4th place (the last two years) to second. The top ten:

1) Sudan

2) Iraq

3) Somalia

4) Zimbabwe

5) Chad

6) Ivory Coast

7) Democratic Republic of the Congo

8) Afghanistan

9) Guinea

10) Central African Republic

In foreign policy terms, this is an interesting list, because it's populated with countries about which (ostensibly) we care the most as well as the ones (demonstrably) about which we care the least.

Prior years for comparison: 2006 and 2005.


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Well I hope this means that your Liberias and Pakistans have actually gotten better - and not that they're only off the Top 10 because others have gotten worse.

Posted by: Armand at June 18, 2007 02:37 PM | PERMALINK
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