August 01, 2007

"Reform" of Electoral College Votes in California?

A few days ago I mentioned that this idea was moving through North Carolina - now I see it'll be on the California primary ballot next June. This is horrifying. Replacing one horribly skewed system of electing a president with another horribly skewed system is not a way we should fix the Electoral College. And of course if this goes through the Republicans will have suddenly won a huge number of electoral votes by simply rejiggering the rules in the biggest state - and that's perhaps the one thing that could save them in what looks to be a good year for Democrats.

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A national popular vote is a non-partisan solution unlike the partisan motivations behind the California initiative. It would make every vote of equal value and essentially eliminate the current exclusive focus of presidential campaigns on battleground states. It turns out this is something that can be accomplished on a state-by-state manner. There is a group that I read about in the NY Times that is trying to accomplish this. Check out their website at

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Yep, that's what we should have, a national popular vote - not a president who emerges victorious by winning a bare majority of gerrymandered congressional districts.

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