June 04, 2008

The Easiest Arguments Against an Obama-Clinton Ticket

Can the candidate of change put a Clinton on his ticket? Can a candidate who's going to have to argue judgment matters more than experience (especially on foreign policy) put a person who voted for the Iraq war on his ticket? I'd say probably not. And I think those are the arguments (or at least among the arguments) that the Obama camp needs to get out there (starting yesterday) for why he'll eventually choose someone else to run with him.

I agree with the meme that he should make his choice known before too long. Because the longer he waits, the longer the news cycles will be dominated with talk of Obama-Clinton - and the more he'll have to explain why he doesn't pick her.

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Other arguments against it include what I call the 12th Amendment argument (it's dangerous and unproductive to have political enemies in the executive's top 2 jobs), and the way it would tie Obama's hands. It's often nice to look like you are working across lines on national problems. But often that means a constraint on the president's ability to implement his program. And no matter how obstructionist or difficult or damaging a Vice President is, the president can't fire him or her. This is a perch from which the Clintonistas could keep fighting for their way, no matter what the occupant of the Oval Office wants. And, therefore, it's reasonable to think he might want to keep his enemies and competitors out of such a high profile post in his own government.

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